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( Cathe, this one is for you to view )

MAKE MY DAY ( original step sheet )

Make My Day

Chor. : Francien Sittrop (December 08)
Level : Improver
Walls : 4 Wall line dance (cha cha)
Counts : 32 Counts
Music : Pussycat Dolls – Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Album : Doll Domination
Intro : Start on vocals (after 16 counts)

1 – 9 Side, Rock fwd , Recover, Cha-Cha R, Cross, Unwind full Turn, Cha-cha L
1 Step L to L side
2 – 3 Rock R across L , Recover on L
4 & 5 Step R to R side, Step L next to R, Step R to R side
6 – 7 Step L across R, Full Turn R (12.00)
8 & 1 Step L to L side, Step R next to L, Step L to L side

10-17 ¼ Turn R, Recover, Cha-cha R, ¼ Turn L, Recover , Kick Ball Cross
2 – 3 Make ¼ Turn R and step R back(3.00) and look over your R shoulder (9.00) ,make ¼ Turn L and recover on L (12.00)
4 & 5 Step R to R side, Step L next to R, Step R to R side (12.00)
6 – 7 Make ¼ Turn L and step L back(9.00) and look over your L shoulder(3.00),recover on R ( 9.00)
8 & 1 Kick L fwd, Step L next to R, Step R across L (9.00)

18-25 Hip Sways L, R, Behind ,Side, Cross, Hold, And Cross, Hold, And Cross
2 – 3 Step L to L side and sway Hip L, Sway Hip R,
4 & 5 Step L behind R, Step R to R side, Step L across R
6 & 7 Hold, Step R to R side, Step L across R
8 & 1 Hold, Step R to R side, Step L across R

26-32 Rock Side , Recover , Behind, ¼ L fwd, ¼ L side, Rock fwd, Recover, Coaster step
2 – 3 Rock R to R side, Recover on L
4 & 5 Step R behind L, ¼ Turn L and step L fwd, ¼ L and Step R to R side (3.00)
6 – 7 Rock L across R, Recover on R
8 & Step L back, Step R next to L

Dance up until count 13 (Cha - Cha R ) . Touch L back and make ¾ Turn L to the front wall.

Note: This is the step sheet of Make My Day that Francien Sittrop sent me a few moments ago. I hope everyone will follow it.


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Choreographed by BM Leong ( March 2009 )
64 counts, 2 walls, intermediate line dance
Song used: You Wo Jiu You Ni by unknown

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This video is for kh and the others who want to learn this dance - hope you can learn something from it. Hot from the oven; just uploaded by Josie Lim.

EAT MO' GRITS_Dancing Terry

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NEW RELEASE_Shanghai Nite

Choreographed by: Linda Lee & Luvi Ong (L&L) M'sia (Mar 09)
Music: 夜上海 by Unknown
Descriptions: 64 count - 4 wall - Beginner/Intermediate level line dance

DID YOU EVER_Robbie M Hickie

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MOONLIGHT KISS_Maggie Gallagher

( Sri Bukit Line Dancers.)

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Performed by Flaming Line Dancers at LYP birthday party on 15.3.09


Choreographed by Dancin’ Terry
Description: 48 count, 2 wall, high beginner line dance
Music: Eat Mo’ Grits by The Coppertones

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JAI HO_Ginger Kozlowski

( Lee Yoke Pheng's birthday party 15.3.09 )Those of you who want to learn this fun dance should pay a visit to Doremi folder. You can download the step sheet from Yipee.

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MY ONE DESIRE_Peter & Alison

( D'Angels KK )


( Xie xie to Ya'E and students for uploading the video for this dance.)

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NEW RELEASE_The Little One

Choreographed by BM Leong ( Mar. 09 )
60 counts, 4 walls, easy intermediate level
Song used: Chiquilla by Kumbia All Starz
Sequence Of Dance: 32/60/16/32/60/32/60/24


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Hi Shirley, here is the video you are looking for. Re-posted for your friend's viewing.


I came across this letter in a popular newsletter by a line dance instructor and I publish it here for you to read. Negative and harmful comments are not only posted by people without a clue about linedancing BUT ALSO BY PEOPLE WHO ARE LINEDANCERS,INSTRUCTORS AND CHOREOGRAPHERS. As the author of this letter said, these people are SCAMMERS. We should ignore them.

Subject: Youtube settings
From: Sharon "Sharooni" Lamb

I love checking youtube on a daily basis to see what new linedance videos are posted. It doesn't have to be a new dance. I love watching teams or groups practice. I love watching young people and people who are just having fun. I love seeing the many different versions of a dance and skills all around the world. I am constantly amazed at how global linedance is. I would like to, however, make one comment/caution that I had seen before but recently found to be quite distressing.

When you upload your videos to youtube, you have the opportunity to make some choices as to how people may comment and rate your videos. Although the linedance community is large, the youtube community is even larger and many do not understand, nor do they care about what we hold dear. Linedancers encompass people who from every walk of life and all levels and skills. Every level should be entitled to their limelight without feeling that the only videos they should upload are ones that are at competition level.

A recent visit to a video deeply saddened me because a negative comment had been left by someone who had no clue. After I even left a positive comment, the negative commenter made another comment. I see this type of activity as a game by the persons who are doing it. That is such a shame to a group that was performing a very difficult dance, clearly stated they were practicing, and were doing an awesome job with the dance. I know they were proud that they had accomplished this level with that particular dance.

I highly recommend that if you are uploading videos to youtube that you set your preferences to allow you to either accept or reject comments and/or ratings. I strongly believe that the linedance community is not going to reject comments from other linedancers who truly understand what they are doing but will only use this to weed out what I consider are simply scammers.


( Source: Maslida and WLDN )


This is an old dance ( 1999 ) and will definitely bring back many happy memories to some of you.

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Nancy and the Senipadu line dancers.

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Choreographed by Josie Lim
32 counts, 4 walls, intermediate level
Song: Hokkien Wife Song