Friday, August 15, 2014


Date & Time : 6/9/2014 @ 2PM
Venue :Sunshine Square Banquet Hall, Bayan Baru, Penang
Entry : Free

CD 1 
Let's Have A Party - Rachael McEnaney 
A Little Bit Gypsy - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris 
Achy Breaky Heart - Unknown
Alibi - Sue Hutchison ( March 2014 )
Aw Naw - Robin Lockhart 
Baby Kisses- Robbie McGowan Hickie 
Better Times- Pat Stott & Vikki Morris 
Boogie Shoes - Tim Gauci 
Broken Angel - R.Bambang Satiyawan 
Cabellero - Ira Weisburd 
C'est La Vie Baby - Jo Thompson Szymanski & John Robinson 
Celtic Heartbeat- Maggie Gallagher 
City Light - Juliet Lam 
Counting Stars - Simon Ward 
Listen To The Rhythm- Ong May Wah
Love In My Heart- BM Leong

CD 2 
Country Girls - Fievat Evelyne 
Cowgirl's Twist - Bill Bader 
Dance With Each Other All Night Long! - Sebastiaan Holtland 
Dancing On A Saturday Night - Maggie Gallagher 
Dancing While Intoxicated- Donna Manning 
Dream Lover - Daniel Whitaker 
Dressed To Kill- Craig Bennett 
Faking It - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris 
Feeling Hot- Rachael McEnaney 
Fly High - Maggie Gallagher 
Gin & Tonic- Kate Sala & Robbie 
Girl Power- Simon Ward, Debbie & Others 
Go Go Cat- Sally Hung Taipei 
Hit The Floor - Ria Vos 
I Hope You Find It! - Niels Poulsen 
CD 3 
Judy Likes To Rock!- Niels Poulsen 
Jump On A Ride - Ria Vos 
Laughter In The rain- Dee Musk (UK) 
Live My Life - Rhado Lai 
Love Me Or Leave Me - Frank Trace 
Lover's Rhumba- Eddie Tang 
Magic Cha Cha- Ruth Elias 
Mirrors Contra Dance ( Split Floor )- Amy Glass & Will Craig 
Mucho Mucho - Anthony 
New York 2 La - Rachael McEnaney 
One Shot - Kate Sala 
Rely On You - Kate Sala 
Riptide- Kate Sala 
Rock around the Clock - Unknow 
Round & Round- Guyton Mundy & Will Craig 
Sexy Lady- Craig Bennett 
Smack U - JinLan Diong 
Timber - Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 
Walk Alone- Kate Sala & Robbie 
We Gonna Rock- Kenny T'eh 
We Got Rhythm- Hayley Wheatley

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