Monday, November 23, 2015


NDNL Bulkkoch 4th X'mas Line Dance Party 2015
Date & Time: 27/12/15 7.00pm – 12mn
Venue : Super Dance Studio
2-2, Jalan 9/95B, Taman Cheras Utama, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Date :27th. December 2015 Sunday
Ticket : RM 68
Theme :  Fire & Flower
Include -Buffet Dinner, Lucky Draw, Door Gift.
01)Bulkkoch 불꽃 火花 By Stephanie Lim & Ivy Tang 
02)I Want It That Way By Amy Yang & Stephanie Lim 
03)Coral Love
珊瑚恋 By Kenny Teh 
04)Endless Love
一曲情未了 By Kenny Teh 
05)Country Boy By Wendy Loh 
06)Viene Mi Gente By Wendy Loh 
07)Journey of Love
爱的路上千万里 By BM Leong 
08)Luo Hua Liu Shui
落花流水 By BM Leong 
09)Lean On By Nicky Tan 
10)Earned It By Nicky Tan
11)Feng Yu Tong Lu
风雨同路 By Stephanie Lim
12)Ai Ren Nv Shen
爱人女神 By Ivy Tang 
13)Shake It By Pooi Kuan ***
14)Thinking Out Loud By Pooi Kuan 
15)Mei Hua Dance
梅花 By Liew Peng Wah 
16)Smile - Its Easy
彩虹的微笑 By William Sevone
17)Uptown Funk By Wendy Loh 
18)Stronger By Wendy Loh
19)Darling By Edward Tam 
20)Fine Alpine Milkman
21)Romeo By Ivy Tang & Stephanie Lim
22)Xue Sheng Ge
学生哥 By Ivy Tang & Stephanie Lim 
23)Let Me Be There By Jaszmine Tan
24)Rock & Roll King
路黑山高锡人夜 By Rachael McEnaney 
25)Want To Want Me By Pooi Kuan 
26)Shang Xin Jiu Dian
伤心酒店 By Melvin Tan 
27)Bingo! By Eun Mi Lim 
28)Legend Of The Snake
梦里共醉 By Juilin & Irene Deng
29)Good Morning By Irene Yeo ***
亲爱的巴比多 By Irene Yeo
31)Nobody, But You! By Emily Woo 
32)Bao Bei Bao Bei Wo Ai Ni
宝贝宝贝我爱你 By Jenny Lim 
33)Fiery Tango
似火探戈 By Stephanie Lim
34)See You Again By Wendy Loh 
35)Tsu Lean Der Dee Fang
初恋的地方 By Sally Hung
36)Melodia D'oriente (cha cha cha) By Nina Chen 
37)Love Me Like You Do By Nicky Tan 
38)Happy Cha Cha
欢喜来恰恰 By Melvin Tan
39)Private Affair By Jennifer Choo Sue Chin 
40)Dong Tian Li De Yi Ba Huo
冬天裡的一把火 By Little Sweetie & Jennifer Jou
41)One Night In Bangkok 2015 By Wendy Loh 
42)Sarong Lady
纱笼女郎 By Wendy Loh 
43)You Raise Me Up Waltz (Beg) By Karen Tripp
44)My Heart Without Him
我的心里没有他 By Kim Fundanzer
45)Norma La De Cha By Pooi Kuan 
46)Bu Shang Ren
不伤人 By Janice Chin 
47)Tropika By Shirley Bang
48)Walking In The Railway Side
走在铁路旁 By Adeline Cheng
49)Stomp-Nicky Tan ***
50)Xiao Shui Guo
小水果 By Melvin Tan
51)Chilly / Magic Cha Cha By Ruth Elias & Pauline Morgan
52)Coming Home
风说你要来 By BM Leong 
53)Ai Ai Ai
爱爱爱 By Melvin Tan
54)My Love By Annie Yap 
55)Ni Jue De Wo Pei Ta Ma
你觉得我配她吗? By Janice Chin 
56)100% Cha Cha By Wendy Loh & Melvin Tan 
57)Bills By Nicky Tan 
58)Jia Jia Re Chao
加价热潮 By Melvin Tan 
59)Worth It By Amy Ooi ***
60)When Will I See You Again By Nicky Tan
Christmas Dance 

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