Wednesday, August 08, 2018

YOU BRING MONEY bm leong 我带上你你带上钱

Choreographed by BM Leong ( Aug 2018 )
Phrased, 2 walls, low intermediate line dance

Song used: 带上你你带上钱 - 馨 Cao Yixin

Intro: Start immediately on the first hard beat.

( A )
1-2       Cross R over L, recover onto L
3-4       Step R to right side, cross L over R
5-6       Rock R to right side, recover onto L
7-8       Step R beside L, hold

1-2       Cross L over R, recover onto R
3-4       Step L to left side, cross R over L
5-6       Rock L to left side, recover onto R
7-8       Step L beside R, hold

1&2     Right diagonal forward cha cha on RLR
3&4     Left diagonal forward cha cha on LRL
5-6       Rock R forward, recover onto L
7&8     Triple 1/2 turn right on RLR

1&2     Left diagonal forward cha cha on LRL
3&4     Right diagonal forward cha cha on RLR
5-6       Rock L forward, recover onto R
7&8     Coaster step on LRL

( B )
1-2       Facing left diagonal, lean back slightly pointing both thumbs at yourself
3-4       Lean forward pointing both index fingers forward
5-6       Point both index fingers forward again
7-8       Rub thumbs, index fingers and middle fingers together to indicate money

1-2       Walk forward on R, walk forward on L
3-4       Walk forward on R, slide R back
5-6       Walk backward on L, walk backward on R
7-8       Walk backward on L, step R beside L

1-4       Twist to right side on heels/toes/heels/flick L behind R
5-8       Twist to left side on heels/toes/heels/flick R behind L

1-4       Walk on RLRL turning 1/2 right
5-6       Bump hips to right side twice
7-8       Bump hips to left side twice

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